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Orbis is a dutch fashion brand established in 2020. Orbis fashion respresents a modern fashion label where quality, passion and the environment are very important. 

At Orbis fashion everything is handmade with passion. We only use high quality materials to make sure that our customers can enjoy wearing Orbis for a long time.

The mission of Orbis is that everyone is comfortable in there outfit. We think that Orbis is not just a brand but stands for a meaning beyond that.



Orbis is Latin for the world, but also for circle or ring, meaning company with friends or family. Orbis was founded by three friends from the Netherlands with the aim of offering comfortable and fashionable quality clothing to young people and young adults. Orbis started by making quality clothing for friends of the military courses.

the Orbis logo is a compass which is a measuring instrument to determine the direction. The compass in Orbis therefore stands for leading your own way through life.